Important issues

Please remember!

  1. Registering with CEIDG is free !!!
    If you receive any call for payment later – DO NOT PAY! Those are rogues! You can always ask your accountant about this.
  2. Please make the correct choice of taxation type – scale (17 & 32%) or fixed (19%) tax. It will be used at least for the first year of your activity and may have a considerable effect on the amount of taxes paid, so consult your accountant on these matters before starting any operations.
  3. If your accountant does not respond to your questions, allay any doubts or solve your problems – change accountant !!! It is not worth wasting time and money, there are some other accountants that will meet your expectations.
  4. If you wish to establish a company as civil, limited or joint-venture, consult an accountant on all options – after all, it may not necessarily be the best choice for you.


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